20 – 24.10.2021


LUFF is like a weed. No matter how hard you try to get rid of it, it keeps coming back. It has been every October for twenty years. A bastard species. Doubly crossbred, both in form and in substance: a festival of cinema and music, an established and authorized institution that showcases recent creative work and artists that navigate under the radars, official or commercial, be it intentionally or not. As time goes by, we understand that this hybridity and its paradoxes offer potential for resistance and adaptation. Like a weed, LUFF is the product of multiple crossbreedings. It mocks all notions of purity, and is ever persistant.

It is often said that LUFF represents an elitist culture, reserved only for some. Yet it is an instrument - amongst others - of resistance against all attempts to eliminate our differences. A tool several generations of volunteers and staff have used to promote an awareness of different ways to live, love, and coexist in spite of our diverging viewpoints. This rhetoric seems almost obvious today, as neo-liberal violence, careless discrimination and rejection keep blowing up in our faces at every instant of our lives, governed as they are by bio-political frameworks.

To this blatant fact, LUFF retorts that when we speak of an “outcry”, we are not talking in metaphors. We speak of human and non-human screams that pierce the physical and psychological barriers of our docile and eager bodies. To amplify and to project this shout from across the world, from inside and outside the Casino de Montbenon, is to turn our eyes and ears to what has been repressed. It is opening the storm drain of our unconscious, it’s taking in a good whiff of the colon that is inside all of us. These cries, Lydia Lunch has been making them heard for 40 years. Her friend and director Beth B created a film about her that both artists will come to present at LUFF: The Was is Never Over. A title that could very well give its name to the 20th edition of LUFF.

Team 2021

Artistic Direction
Julien Bodivit, Dimitri Meier, Thibault Walter

General Direction
Marie Klay, Martina Pattonieri

Marie Klay

Martina Pattonieri

Jennifer Siegrist

Press Relations
Anouk Rieben

Sponsoring and fundraising
Eugénie Constantin

Artistic Direction – Film
Julien Bodivit

Film Programming
Julien Bodivit, Mélanie Boss, Veronika Chekodanova, Sawsane Hema, Marie Klay, Jessica Macor, Eric Peretti, Isotta Regazzoni, Juana Robles, Jennifer Siegrist, Philippe Wiedmer, Timothée Zurbuchen             

Film Equipment Management
Sébastien Baudet, Lionel Bize, Sawsane Hema

Print Traffic Coordination
Sawsane Hema

Subtitles Coordination
Elsa Lovat

Jurys Coordination
Veronika Chekodanova, Romain Stefanoni

Artistic Direction – Music
Dimitri Meier, Thibault Walter

Music Programming
Dimitri Meier, Francisco Meirino, Hiroko Pennec-Sato, Jennifer Siegrist, Serge Teuscher, Thibault Walter

Music Coordination
Dimitri Meier

Sound System

Pat Navier

Music equipment management
Serge Carrupt, Joël Corboz, Nicolas Montandon

Live recording
Emma Souharce

Workshops Programming
Julien Bodivit, Dimitri Meier, Thibault Walter

Workshops Coordination
Chloé Geinoz

Coordination and programming – L’OFF
Antoine Barras, Ivan Chestopaloff, Julie Corday, Ernest Gachet, Gabriel Grossert, Assadour Matthey, Yolane Rais, Lucien Schubert

Rip on/off Team
Lionel Bize, Laura Daengeli, Christian Indermuhle, Christine Ritter, Thibault Walter

Artistic Coordination, accueil artistes and Local Transportation
Eugénie Constantin, Alana Guarino, Martina Pattonieri

Célia Magliocco, Marika Barman

Cindy Mendicino & Cécile Collet

Camille Huygen

Volonteers Coordination
Alice Fuchs, Sébastien Scheiwiller

Bars Coordination
Valentin Jouval, Yannick Schader

Fabrizio Ilardo

Sustainable Developpement
Lionel Bardet

Infrastructures and Scenography
Lucien Schubert

Satellites Locations Coordination

Catherine Jodoin, Gwenaël Grossfeld

Johan Cosandey, Antoine Hürlimann

Information Display
Roxane Christinet, Martial Grin, Nina Treichler

Cristina Martinoni

Marie-Charlotte Winterhalter

Sara Santoro

LAFF (LUFF Friends)
Lana Damergi

 – Production and Editing
Aline Bonvin

Frederik Mahler-Andersen

Photographers Coordination
Sandra Guignard

Visual Identity and Trailer
Rebecca Metzger, Pauline Piguet

Trailer Music
Gauche Kebab

APCI Committee
Catherine Jodoin, Sandra Guignard, Pauline Lalondrelle, Patrick Suhner

APCI : LUFF is a project carried out within the framework of the Association pour la Promotion de la Culture Independente (APCI), and relies on the voluntary work of its members. Since its creation in 2001, APCI has been guided by two main goals: to promote artists who live fully from their art and to offer the public works and performances rarely seen in our latitudes.

APCI / LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival
Rue des Terreaux 18 bis
1003 Lausanne