20 – 24.10.2021


Artistic SEXploitation

Lem & John Amero, 1970, USA

35mm, Color, German with French/Italian subs, 70’

Saturday 23, 22:45, Paderewski

While she is fast asleep, Ruth’s astral body leaves her room and starts descending the staircase of her psyche, down into the abysses of pleasure and pain. First intended to be an erotic movie, Bacchanale was caught up by the porn surge, forcing the Amero brothers to recruit sex stunt people in order to film explicit close-ups to stay in the game. As a sensual fantasy, far removed from porn clichés, the film is a genuine piece of oddity. We present to you a unique version of the film, Die Totale Erotik, reedited by its German distributor in order to avoid censorship.

Carte blanche to Nicolas Winding Refn:

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> Mixed Blood - Paul Morrissey, 1984, USA, 98'

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