20 – 24.10.2021

Born of Fire

Initiation Film

Jamil Dehlavi, 1987, UK

DCP, Color, English w French subs, 83’

In the presence of Jamil Dehlavi

Saturday 23, 16:00, Paderewski

In Turkey, at the crossroads of East and West, two English citizens, a musician in search of the mysterious Master Flautist who may have caused the death of his father, and an astronomer intrigued by the awakening of a volcano after a bout of unusual solar activity, get lost in a world of djinns and shaytans toying with human beings...
More than a horror film exploiting Islamic mysticism, Born of Fire is a sensory journey where words give way to music, where the beauty of the images replace the script, and into which one should immerse without restraint.

The films of Jamil Dehlavi:

> The Blood of Hussain - Jamil Dehlavi, 1980, Pakistan / UK, 106'
> Immaculate Conception - Jamil Dehlavi, 1992, UK, 122'
> QÂF The Sacred Mountain - Jamil Dehlavi, 1985, UK / France, 27'
> Towers of Silence - Jamil Dehlavi, 1975, Pakistan, 51'

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