20 – 24.10.2021

Short Animation Films

Program length: 74'

Thursday 21, 20:30, EJMA

Friday 22, 22:30, Cinématographe

We had started the selection of this 20th edition with the modest aim of bringing a smile to your face. After a less than stellar year, we thought everyone could use one. This programme is not about pandemics or lockdown. We have chosen stories of struggles - against a body that escapes us, about a world that seems to play against us - and with that: a galactic twin, an apprentice goddess, ghosts and ... dogs of course.

Internation short films competition:
> Animation - 11 films, 74'
> Documentaries - 5 films, 75'
> Experimental: Outer Space - 6 films, 93'
> Experimental: Sensory Touch - 8 films, 80'
> Fiction - 6 films, 82'

Ghost Dogs Ghost Dogs
Joe Cappa, 2020, USA, English w French subs, 11'
A Different Kind of Different A Different Kind of Different
Jordan Baseman, 2020, UK, English w French subs, 15'
Black Square Black Square
Peter Burr, 2021, USA, English, 6'
Mask Dog Mask Dog
Victoria Vincent, 2019, USA, English, 1'
Little Miss Fate Little Miss Fate
Joder von Rotz, 2020, Switzerland, No dialogue, 8'
Naked Naked
Kirill Khachaturov, 2019, Russia, Russian w French/English subs, 15'
My Galactic Twin Galaction My Galactic Twin Galaction
Sasha Svirsk, 2020, Russia, English, 7'
Stunting Cunts Stunting Cunts
Gina Kamentsky, 2021, USA, No dialogue, 3’
Amen To no Men Amen To no Men
Hayley Legon, 2021, USA, English w French subs, 2'
Sara Hirner & Rosemary Vasquez-Brown, 2020, Australia, English w French subs, 4'
Sc@tter me Sc@tter me
Alex Goddard, 2021, UK, English, 2'

APCI / LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival
Rue des Terreaux 18 bis
1003 Lausanne