20 – 24.10.2021

Experimental Shorts: Outer Space

Program length: 93'

Thursday 21, 16:30, EJMA

Saturday 23, 20:00, Cinématographe

For this first programme of the experimental competition, we have decided not to keep our feet firmly on the ground! A journey through various alternative spaces awaits us: the digital places of 3D modelling softwares, the heavens (scientific and mystical) whose changes are narrated and recorded from different points of view in the galaxy, entirely abstract locations that never cease to remind us of the expanding universe, and finally to close the screening, a digital-cosmic science-fiction, a techno thriller that is sometimes all too human.

Internation short films competition:
> Animation - 11 films, 74'
> Documentaries - 5 films, 75'
> Experimental: Outer Space - 6 films, 93'
> Experimental: Sensory Touch - 8 films, 80'
> Fiction - 6 films, 82'

kitchen.blend kitchen.blend
Nataliya Ilchuk, 2021, Ukraine, French/Ukrainian w English subs, 15’
eternity on a loop eternity on a loop
Isabela Costa, 2021, Brasil, Portuguese w English subs, 12’
13 13
Shinya Isobe, 2020, Japan, No dialogue, 11’
Seeing Spacecraft Earth Seeing Spacecraft Earth
Lisa McCarty, 2021, USA, English, 6’
Axis of Aion Axis of Aion
Takashi Makino & Manuel Knapp, 2019, Japan/Austria, No dialogue, 13’
The Phantom Menace The Phantom Menace
Graeme Arnfield, UK, 2021, English, 36’

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Rue des Terreaux 18 bis
1003 Lausanne