20 – 24.10.2021

Eyes of Fire

Native American legends

Avery Crounse, 1983, USA

HD, Color, English, 86’

In the presence of Kier-La Janisse

Thursday 21, 16:30, Cinéma Bellevaux

In the 18th century, in the northeast of what would become the United States of America, a preacher accused of polygamy narrowly escapes hanging thanks to the unnoticed intervention of Leah and her powers. Pardoned, he takes his family, Leah and his relatives in search of a home, to a valley inhabited by spirits living in communion with nature.  
This little-known production of 80's horror, considered at the time to be too arty by genre cinema buffs and too “genre orientated“ for the critics in search of respectability, is a marvel of strangeness with an earthy atmosphere that urgently needs to be rehabilitated.

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