20 – 24.10.2021

Image of the Beast

Fundamentalist Prophecy

Donald W. Thompson, 1980, USA

Digital, Color, English, 93’

In the presence of Maxime Lachaud

Sunday 24, 18:30, Cinéma Bellevaux

Image of the Beast is the third installment in the Fundamentalist Christian series The Rapture. It gives an account of the guerrilla warfare that believers wage against those who have been struck with the computerised seal of the Beast, as the coming of the Antichrist nears. Apocalyptic preachings and lessons in faith undermine a minimalist sci-fi story, but it is sufficiently distressing and alienating (those damn computers!) to captivate the faithful. This formula of a cinematic mass payed off: the series has been seen by over 400 million people in places of worship.

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