20 – 24.10.2021

Each entity (solo artist or group) appearing in this edition’s program is expected to fall into decomposition through the combined actions of the other artists, micro-organisms and sono-bacteria, to enrich the manure of bestial activities covering the moraine of Montbenon. In other words, in this anniversary year, we are letting go of principles that have crystallized over time, such as "don't invite a project that has already been presented in the past" or "favour entities pushing the worst to its very limits". Our focus has shifted: artistic propositions (whether recurring or never programmed) have been chosen for the troubling relationships, tangled narratives and new stories they can form together, through resonance, feedback or critical contrast.


APCI / LUFF - Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival
Rue des Terreaux 18 bis
1003 Lausanne